Welcome to 911 Leather and thank you for checking out our site.  I started making leather axe belts and suspenders in 2002 because I couldn’t find what I wanted at a reasonable price.   I believe that what you will find here is the most durable,  custom, quality leather products you can find.  I purchase my leather from Weaver’s Leather and all items are made one at a time.  I’m a career firefighter and do this as a hobby on my day’s off.   I’ve made many belts and suspenders for firemen all over.   Check out the site and let me know what you think.  If you have questions about customizing your leather then send me an email at 911leather@gmail.com

Our belts and suspenders are hand made one at a time and laser engraved with your ideas, names, station numbers or what ever else you can come up with.   Custom steel clicker dies cut the leather perfectly each time to ensure quality and consistency. 

The items made by 911leather are quality custom leather items.  What we send out will last a career as long as you take reasonable care of it.  We have fixed a few items that were “run over by the truck” and “flew off the truck” but hey, it happens...   Custom laser engraved items will not be returnable.  Please take the time to contact us at 911leather@gmail.com and make sure you are getting the design you want.  Items sent will carry a year warranty against manufacturers defects.   As you are aware these items are not life safety items and have not been tested as so.  The axe belts are designed to carry an axe.... and the suspenders are designed to hold up your pants......  with style.